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THAI FOOD.... captures all aspects of the dynamic Thai culture and cuisine.

Lime Leaf first open in 2005. Behind the creation and management of the establishment consist of experience Management and staff with more than 15 years of restaurant operation.

Our restaurant is beautifully decorated with authentic Thai paintings that capture the essence of Thai culture whilst incorporating the modern edges with furnishing and other decorative.

For delicious Thai cuisine, come to Lime Leaf Thai Restaurant. We are  proud to use only the freshest ingredients and maintaining the true taste of Thai food.

​While dining at Lime Leaf Thai, you will not only be enchanted by the Thai objets d'arts, but pleased with the warm and friendly hospitality that are served along with our delicious Thai cuisine.

While we are delighted to hear of compliments, we also appreciate any concern or recommendation. We are happy to improve and maintain happy customer rather than never hear from you again. For any feedback, please contact us via email.

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